RIP Moribrook's Unforgettable Sullivan, 11/5/1992 - 11/17/2005


I just got email from my sister letting me know that her Golden Retriever, Sullivan, died last Thursday. It wasn't a big surprise, since she had just turned 13 and had had health problems for several months, but it was still quite a blow. Sully basically grew up with our own Golden, Wrigley, who is only two months younger than she. Although he's still pretty healthy for a senior dog, it's never pleasant to be reminded that he won't be around forever.

My sister wrote a beautiful eulogy that she emailed to a few people; if I can get her permission, I'll add it to this entry later. My best memory of Sully is from several years ago, when we spent Fourth of July at my sister's then-boyfriend's parents' lake cottage. Whenever my son (who was probably seven or eight at the time) went into the water, Sully would stop whatever she was doing and walk out on the dock and watch him. If he went under water for more than a few seconds, she would start barking until he came back up.

Of course, we have pictures. Here's one from when they were less than a year old (Sully is the reddish one; Wrigley is the blonde):

Sully and Wrigley, summer 1993

And a couple from last Thanksgiving:

Sully and Wrigley, Thanksgiving 2004

Sully and Wrigley, Thanksgiving 2004

Kinda puts having your favorite football team losing its biggest game in perspective, doesn't it?


No matter how long expected, it is always a pain in the heart when a good friend dies.

I offer my condolences on your loss.

My heart goes out to your sister and her family.

The photos are very touching. It's like seeing a couple of lifelong pals growing old together.

I'm one of those tenderhearts who think a dog is family.

Our Lady (looked just like Sullivan), died last year at 16 years 3 months. She, like all Goldens, was wonderful. We still miss her, but will always remember how wonderful those 16 years were.

I know you, your sister and all your family will remember how wonderful those 13 years were.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Those are beautiful animals, and their photos brought tears to my eyes. Even in his old age, Sully was full of that happy doggy dignity.

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