Next Week's Auction: Ladder 58's Tire Gauge

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Whatever 'it' is, you can get it on eBay, whether it's a fake 9/11 firefighter's helmet or an authentic FDNY prybar used at Ground Zero:

A firefighting tool that disappeared from a Bronx firetruck at Ground Zero on Sept. 11 has been returned after an eagle-eyed captain spotted the device for sale on eBay.

Capt. Joe Principio of Ladder Co. 58 on East Tremont Avenue saw the prying bar, called a Halligan tool, being auctioned in May ? and quickly notified fire marshals. "I recognized it immediately," said Principio. "We had spot-welded '58' on the forked portion."
The seller sent the Halligan tool back at his own expense when contacted by the fire marshals; the article didn't say whether further action will be taken or how the seller got the tool in the first place.

And if that isn't sad enough, read this:

Ladder 58's Halligan tool disappeared Sept. 11 from the side of its truck after the company responded to the World Trade Center attack.

"Our rig was stripped," said Principio. "Most of our equipment was gone."

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