New Office Lexicon Entry: Hundred-Hundred Split

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Because I can't get enough abuse and keep volunteering for more, I am now experiencing the antonym of the Zero-Zero Split, the Hundred-Hundred Split:

When you split your time 50-50 between two bosses, and one of them thinks everything he wants you to do is more important than anything the other boss wants you to do, so he tasks you like you're working for him full time. Of course, the other boss thinks exactly the same way. Opposite of Zero-Zero Split.

Update: Upon further review, the above is pretty unfair to my day-to-day boss, who is a good guy and understands that I'm not really fully tasked in my regular job at the moment. However, my additional boss seems to think that 50% of my time is based on there being 168 hours in a week.

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