What's Next? Beer Cans You Can't Smash Against Your Forehead?

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I got this package in the mail the other day. The contents aren't relevant to this post, except for my excitement when I saw a big ol' sheet of bubblewrap. I dig it out of the box, all set for ten or fifteen minutes of good geeky fun, and commence to poppin'.

At least, I thought I did. The first few bubbles I squeezed just kind of gave a weak sigh and deflated. I took a closer look and saw that the bubbles had been joined into long rows of cells, interconnected enough that you couldn't pop any individual cell - the air would just move into the other cells in the row!

What godless slimy Communist mouthbreathing twinkletoed buzz-harshing killjoy thought that was a good idea!?!?

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