So How Many Blogpuns Can We Fit In Michigan Stadium, Anyway?

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It's getting nigh on football season again, so I've decided to add a blogroll with U-M blogs that I figure on reading regularly this year. I imagine this list will grow as I find more - of course, the nature of using a script to display it in this post will mean that it's always up to date; I'll still need to put it on the sidebar for future reference.

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I'm not sure how I found your shit, but here is mine. the Mustachios One of my bloggin partners is a Michigan Man, so does that qualify?? Add it.

My Lord, Man, I am an Ohio State grad, and as you might know we play the Nation of Texas this year in football. In my research leading up to the game I found that UT fans believe no one including God Almighty can stop Vince Young on a football field. If it weren't for UM and their "you mean the QB can cross the line of scrimmage?!?!?" defense, these Longhorn yokels would be humble and think Texas was about to be renamed Baja Oklahoma. Thanks, jackasses.

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