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White Trash Wednesday

Elsewhere in society, golf rage is on the rise. Among our favorite demographic, local6.com tells us about mini-golf rage: Woman Accused Of Slamming Girl At Putt-Putt Course

Police said Darnell Lee Kreuzer of Lake Mary, Fla., was playing putt-putt golf on June 27 at T.J.'s Family Fun Center on South Volusia Avenue in Orange City when she apparently became angry with Julia Coelah and grabbed her.

. . .

"The lady, she picked me up by the leg and grabbed my arm and she picked me up and she threw me and then whacked me with the mini golf thing and I got a big bump on my head," Coelah said.

After the incident, Kreuzer left the center but witnesses wrote down her vehicle tag number. Thursday, the state attorney's office charged Kreuzer with child abuse.

It is unclear what prompted the attack, Local 6 News reported.

Kreuzer told police that she was trying to get the girl out of the way of an oncoming golf ball.

Kreuzer is also accused of swinging a golf club and attempting to hit the girl, Local 6 News reporter Tarik Minor said.

She faces child abuse charges, which is a third-degree felony.


Your WTW posts are always top notch. Where do you get such great material?


Hell, I dunno. I just trip over most of them, but after a bit of analysis, I've come to the conclusion that they tend to fall into one of these categories:

1. Stupid shit that happens around Fort Wayne (no shortage of that, sadly)
2. Fun With Meth
3. Dumbasses that tattoo themselves.

Also, local6.com has at least one blogworthy story every day. I've hit them up for WTW material several times.

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