Not Just Hoffa, But Natalee Holloway And A Stiff To Be Named Later, Too


The Verizon guys are installing FTTP in my neighborhood this week, and they are tearing the dogshit out of my backyard (literally; I haven't cleaned up after the canine family member for a few days now). I guess I'm being punished for leaving an open access to the utility easement behind my house - you know, actually obeying the covenant, unlike most of my neighbors who build their fences right up to the property line.

Aaaanyway, they've chosen my backyard as Base Camp to run fiber to my whole side of the neighborhood, and right now there are about three grave-size holes behind my house. I mean literally - they're about 3' x 6' x 6', and I'm going to want to pay attention when they fill them in just in case they try to sneak Jimmy Hoffa in there or something. Allegedly when they're all done, they'll send in a 'remediation crew' to clean up the mess they made.

I hope you'll forgive me if I don't hold my breath waiting.

Update: Apparently the job description for the 'remediation crew' is "chuck most of the dirt back in the general direction of the hole, pack it down a bit, then wave jauntily as you depart," because according to flower_goddess that's pretty much what they did.

And they probably get paid more than I do.

Update: They had a crew come in to rake and seed it yesterday. I take back what I said.


Yeah, but the real question is, is this fiber you get to use, or is this fiber being laid for some sort of official purpose?

'Cause, hell, in order to get access to fiber broadband I'd let them stack the bodies like cordwood in my backyard, as long as they move them before they bloat.


Yes and yes, although if you'd RTFA you would have probably have figured that out.

Which reminds me - we need to crack on Ace about the whole 'Koko wants her handlers to show her their boobies' thing; I heard about that on Bob & Tom six or seven months ago, which is like half of forever in INTERNET time.

Dude, I already visit your site. You want me to read your *links* now too? Sheesh.

Pushy bastard.

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