Life Imitates Man Of The House

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In Man Of The House, Tommy Lee Jones plays a Texas Ranger assigned to protect the UT cheerleading squad after they witness a murder.

Last Wednesday, some Michigan high school cheerleaders witnessed a hit-and-run accident in Ann Arbor and quickly devised a cheer to help them remember the perp's plate number:

Members of the Lincoln High School varsity cheerleading squad from the neighboring community of Augusta Township helped Ann Arbor police find the 30-year-old man by chanting the license plate number until they arrived.

"I knew I was going to not remember it because there was too much going on," coach Patricia Clark told NBC's "Today" show on Monday. "So, when I ran down the street and got the plate number, I yelled to the girls, 'remember this.' "

According to police reports, the man's truck hit the back of a car stopped at the traffic light near University of Michigan's campus on Wednesday. The impact forced that car into another vehicle, which then hit another one.

. . .

"The coach just said it and we were saying it over and over, and then it just turned into a big chant since we kept repeating it," said Kimmie Ostrowski, a senior captain for the team who also appeared on the "Today" show.

Give me a 'P!'
Give me a 'E!'
Give me a 'N!'
Give me a 'C!'
Give me a 'I!'
Give me a 'L!'
What's it spell? Something nobody's carrying with them!

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