Life Imitates Fight Club


The first rule of assassinating inconvienient foreign dictators is - you do not talk about assassinating inconvienient foreign dictators!


What a loon. Didn't he get the memo? "Remember, as per normal operating procedures, all talk of 'assassination of the foreign dignatory of the week' shall cease immediately. All televangelists shall immediately begin preaching about 'salvation', and 'fundraising', thus deflecting attention from 'assassination of the foreign dignatory of the week'. Also, if anybody receives a phone call from a Miss Lewinski, please inform her that Bill's current phone number is listed under Rodham, H. That is all" Geez, that's plain as day.

Yeah, even I got the memo, and I haven't been leader of Campus Crusade for Cthulhu since I graduated from MSU in '88!

Heads will roll at The 700 Club, I reckon...

Of course, you announce the timetable. Right at the end of where you post your TIMETABLE!


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