Lance Armstrong Says, "Now That Guy's Crazy!"

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Well, Jim Dreyer is at it again, making his sixth attempt to swim across Lake Superior to raise money and awareness for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Great Lakes Mariners Memorial. His previous attempts, while unsuccessful in their goals of crossing the lake, were all significant accomplishments in their own way, including several world records. This is the last of the Great Lakes he hasn't successfully swam across yet.

He's making good progress; it looks like he's about 1/3 of the way to Point Gargantua as of 9:00 AM Central Time. Why he doesn't turn east and finish quickly east of Rousseau Bank, I don't know; I'd guess that it isn't far enough for a good challenge. That or maybe something about currents.

Monitor his progress here; he has a transponder in his support boat - and by 'support boat' I mean 'dinghy he's towing behind him because he doesn't have a support boat this time.'

Dude. Is. Crazy.

Update: He made it.

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