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White Trash Wednesday

I am going to have to seriously rethink my plan to move up to Steuben County in a few years, because we have yet another WTW story that takes place there. Angola teen accused of trying to sell son for $1,000:

Wearing an orange Steuben County Jail uniform and her shoulder-length hair in braids, a 19-year-old Angola mother appeared in court Monday to answer a charge that she tried to sell her 2-year-old son to his paternal grandparents.

Britney Ranee Asbury, of the 570 block of South County Road 300W in Angola, was charged with one count of attempted child selling, a Class D felony that could bring six months to three years in prison. A plea of not guilty was entered for Asbury on Monday in Steuben County Magistrate’s Court.

According to court documents, Asbury entered into a written agreement with Richard and Penny Good of Orland, grandparents of her son David, on Thursday for the sale of the toddler. Penny Good’s son, Adam Crabtree, is the biological father of David, according to court documents.

Asbury received $200 from the Goods on Thursday and offered to sign guardianship of David over to the couple for an additional $800, court records said.

The Goods contacted police Friday morning about the deal, and Asbury was arrested Friday and remained in jail over the weekend.

Asbury, who is six months pregnant with a different man’s child, spoke in a shaky voice Monday to Steuben County Magistrate Randy Coffey, occasionally wiping away tears as he questioned her. [emphasis added]

I have to wonder why the grandparents entered into a written agreement to buy the child, then contacted the police. Something tells me we haven't heard the last of this story.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Most of my fellow WTW'ers focus on Funny White Trash, and since chronicling Stupid White Trash is starting to get to me, I may head that way m'self. Take the whole tour:

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