Another Uncomfortable Life Lesson Learned

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Lately, I've been sampling some podcasts trying to find a few to listen to regularly (so far the only winners are Earthcore, IMAO Podcast, Area 51 Show, and The Starkcast).

On one of the other casts - I can't remember for sure but I think it was either Dawn and Drew, Keith and the Girl, or Soccergirl, Incorporated (all of which fit under the category of 'occasionally interesting') - where they made reference to a class of developmentally disabled students singing White Christmas. They even played a clip of the MP3 - yes, somebody made an MP3 of it, and yes, it sounded every bit as bad as you think it did.


Every one of those students is a better singer than I am.

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Yeah, that was me.
Ryan found it on the internet. Rough!

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