Around The Blogroll, Again


  • If you're thinking about replacing your A/C, Dan from Madison (who knows whereof he speaks) recommends you do it now.
  • Red Hot Cuppa Politics brandishes some Dangerous Logic:
    A fourteen year old girl is supposed to be old enough to make a decision about an abortion without parental approval, but if you want to join the army, it's because your parents make you. Riiiight ....
  • Mia's post from Monday is a must read: Erogenous Zones.
  • hubs and spokes has a great example of an escaped 'I Love Me' Wall.
  • small dead animals puts the runaway bride (koo-koo! koo-koo!) story in perspective.
  • The Sporting Life puts together his Amazing Race dream lineup. My pick to win - Glen Campbell and Nick Nolte.
  • I'm a sucker for lighthouse pictures, and Da Goddess has an excellent one.


I think Lou Sheldon and Carson Kressley would ... um ... tear 'em a new one. So to speak. Ahem.

Glad I dropped by your blog; love your take on things!

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