What's Next? Jacking Up The White House And Putting A Metal Skirt Around It?

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White Trash Wednesday

I had thought White Trashdom was something we in flyover country had all to ourselves. We make fun of it, but we relish it, because it's people behaving however they want and to hell with what everybody else thinks, and there ain't nuthin' more Murrican than that.

No more. I am saddened to say that White Trash has gone Hollywood:

After making a fortune from his skateboard firm, World Industries, Steve Rocco could have lived anywhere he wanted. He chose Paradise Cove, a woodsy neighborhood on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, where he bought a home for nearly US$500,000 and then spent more than US$1 million replacing it with a Craftsman-style cottage.

But Rocco's place is not exactly on millionaire's row. Paradise Cove is a mobile-home park.

"It's probably the best spot in the Southern California coast," he said.

Trailer parks may conjure images of retirees and low-income families in most of the country, but in Malibu parks that once drew the elderly, working class and bohemian are now being transformed into the new playground for the rich. Here new owners with the means to decorate with marble floors, recessed lighting and Sub-Zero refrigerators are replacing 1970s flat-roof aluminum metal-sided trailers with mobile homes in Craftsman, Cape Cod, Tuscan or Spanish villa styles that come with two-car garages.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:

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