The Latest Thing In Lead-Lined Jockey Shorts


Ever dreaded going to a meeting where you expect to be chewed out? You'll want a pair of these (the link is subscriber-only; the text below is from the print edition):

Marines concerned about injuries to sensitive areas of the body [hee!] may someday have the option of special ballistic protection - as long as they don't mind lugging around more pounds.

The Marine Corps has developed a small number of armored shorts as a potential option to protect Marines in certain jobs from lower torso injuries due to small-arms fire and shrapnel from improvised explosives.

. . .

A batch of the $1,500 armor shorts has been field-tested by turret gunners in Iraq. So far, the feedback is that they may be too heavy to be practical.

The oversized Kevlar shorts are worn over the cammies, covering a Marine from the waist to four to six inches above the knees. Because of their 11.5-pound weight, they include a harness that goes over the shoulders.
Sounds like my hockey pants!


Remember earlier in the war, how all these rumors were flying around Baghdad about how the US troops had air-conditioned underwear, and how soldier's had X ray sunglasses for looking at women's underwear!!!

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I wrote about something similar back in January of 2004:

And thanks!

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