Next Time, Get Tear Gas-Proof Makeup, Fool

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AQ #3 busted in Pakistan:

Pakistan has shared with the United States initial results of its interrogation of reputed al-Qaida No. 3 Abu Farraj al-Libbi, who stayed silent for hours after his capture this week before confessing his identity, an intelligence official said Thursday.

Hey, I thought KSM was the #3 guy. Oh, wait, now I see - it's like the AP rankings: if you lose (get busted), somebody else takes your spot. Anyway, what's with his face?

Did his mascara run or something? And look at his eyes - those are some seriously dead eyes.

H/T INDCBill (as if he needs it). Furthermore, Arthur Cherenkoff has a photo essay demonstrating just how bad pissing off the U.S. can be for your health.

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