Iron Chef: Battle Oxtail

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Theme Ingredient: Oxtail
Iron Chef: Sakai
Challenger: Koji Hosogai, Head Chef, Poisson D'Or, Niigata.
Remarks: Photographer Tenmei Kanoh tasted but didn't judge. Warning: horsemeat (horsefat, actually) in use. Comments based on the Food Network's October 28, 2000 airing of this episode.

The challenger was Koji Hosogai, Head Chef, Poisson D'Or, Niigata. He is an expert French chef whose speciality is using local ingredients. Photographer Tenmei Kanoh, a frequent judge, says he's his favorite chef, and actually followed him around shooting a series of 'day in the life' photographs. Hosogai challenged Hiroyuki Sakai.

The theme ingredient was Oxtail (at about USD100 per), 3 each of whole raw, whole boiled in bouillion, chopped (into sections) raw, and chopped boiled. The boiled parts were available because cooking a raw oxtail can take up to three hours; obviously, this is not practical in an Iron Chef match. Guest commentators were actress Keiko Saito (mmm.... Keiko Saito) and the performer Korn. The other judges were Lower House member Shinichiro Kurimoto and fortune teller Kozuko Hosoki. Kanoh was present as a taster, but did not judge, although he kept trying to tip the scales in Hosogai's favor.

Hosogai's dishes:

  1. Oxtail royale and tartare toast. Minced oxtail was mixed with--get those barf bags ready--raw fat from the base of a horse's mane. It was served on toast and 'iced' with mayonnaise. Korn thought the dish would be 'thicker' (I think they meant heavier or greasier) than it turned out to be. Hosoki didn't like it at all--she thought the meat was 'too fluffy.'
  2. Oxtail soup. This is a variant of one of Kanoh's favorite dishes. Minced oxtail (cooked this time, I think in red wine) was folded into ravioli-like noodles and served cold on top.
  3. Oxtail risotto. Oxtail croquettes were served over the rice in a fatty netting. Korn loved this one.
  4. Shochu sorbet. How oxtail figures in a sorbet dish was not explained. I think I speak for everyone when I express my gratitude for that.
  5. Oxtail red wine stew. This dish had truffles, foie gras, and persimmons (to tenderize the meat). Saito thought it was too strong a dish.

Iron Chef Sakai's dishes:

  1. Oxtail jelly and broad bean mousse. A small chunk of grilled oxtail that looked almost bacon-like served as a garnish. Korn loved how the broad bean matched with the oxtail. Hosoki liked it too.
  2. Oxtail foie gras croquette. These were also served in a fatty netting, which Sakai advised the tasters to remove before eating since they'd already had one dish in fatty netting. Kurimoto liked it, but Kanoh said it 'lacked originality.'
  3. Oxtail red wine stew. He used bone marrow to add a sweet taste, and used South African tea to tenderize the meat.
  4. French-style rice porridge. Similar to Hosogai's risotto in that they were both oxtail over rice. Korn liked the challenger's version better. Remember that when you see the scores.

In a clean sweep for Sakai, Kurimoto and Hosoki both scored it 19-17, Saito 19-18, and Korn 20(!)-19.

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