I Think Tomorrow I'll Scoop Them On Frankenstein. Or Maybe Marsupials.


Dangerous Logic leads, CBS News follows. Back on April 10, the Taipei Times had a story on million-dollar mobile homes in Malibu. Two days ago, I did a WTW story on it. Later that night, the CBS Evening News also did.

First Rathergate, then Bob "Every-other-word-is-'uh'" Schieffer, now this. When they're getting scooped by some schmuck who uses Google to find a month-old newspaper article from Taiwan... wow. It doesn't get much lower than that.


You might be surprised!

I blogged an entry about the anti-Japanese demonstrations that broke out here in Chengdu on April 3rd and the next thing I know some reporter from Reuters in Beijing is trying to contact me about my story.

Reluctantly I gave gave the guy a call and I told him what happened and what I saw. Next thing I know, Reuters puts it up on their website almost word for word as it was first written on my blog.

I think the guy has a future working at CBS or Newsweek. What do you think?

Welcome to my nightmare, pal.

If CBS only read the blogosphere, they'd not only get their stories early, they'd also get them right.

It'd be a twofer.

Gentlemen, there is clearly a moral imperative here. The future of network news is in your hands. I think we need many more stories about frankenstein and marsupials... 'cause they're fast.

When I saw that 'news' report, several hours after having read something that sounded suspiciously familiar here, I just thought how pathetic that now they're stealing from blogs & not giving credit(of course) in the hopes that nobody would draw a connection.

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