They Didn't Mention Appliances On The Porch, But That's OK

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Going lyrical today, with the anthem of White Trash Nation: White Trash by the Ricky Rydell Review. Excerpt here; the whole song is available on if you're a VIP member (VIP direct link here).

Without further ado, the lyrics:
Well, I live in a trailer
A great big double-wide
My '70 Camaro
Is up on blocks outside
I got a velvet painting
Of Elvis on the wall
And a two-tone vinyl couch
That I picked up at the mall

('Cause I'm white trash) Don't have a credit card
(White trash) Got a freezer in my yard
(White trash) I'll have another beer
(White trash) The party's over here
Guess I'll go see my old lady
And bum a little cash
I'm a low-life
And I'm white trash.

When I go out to a party
Don't drink Jonnie Walker Red
I just chug a can of beer 
And I crush it on my head
I was drinkin' with my sister
I don't know how much we had
But now I got a kid
Who calls me Uncle Dad

('Cause I'm white trash) But that's OK with me
(White trash) That's just the way I be
(White trash) I'll have another beer
(White trash) At least I ain't a queer.
On my family tree
There only is one branch
I'm a low-life
And I'm white trash.

My ol' lady got big hooters
She does fancy cookin' too
She makes filet of Spam
and bologna cordon bleu
She fills me up with chili
And gives my gut a squeeze
I make her pull my finger
And I always cut the cheese

[guitar solo]

(White trash) Watch wrestlin' on TV
(White trash) I talk on the CB
(White trash) Johnny Paycheck is the best
(White trash) Got him tattooed on my chest
Baby, take a whiff of me
Do you think I need a bath?
I'm a low-life
And I'm white trash.

It's White Trash Wednesday! Take the whole tour:

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