Next Up: Individual Private Restrooms For Every Student

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A friend of mine has a diabetic daughter in middle school. She has to test her blood sugar at least once a day (maybe more, I don't know). This has never been a big issue for her or anyone around her.

Until some diabetic idiot at a high school in a nearby but different district thought it'd be a neat idea to wave his stuck finger around after a blood sugar test, spewing a few drops of blood in several different directions.

As a reaction to this, new policies enacted in my friend's district now will require her to do her checks in a room by herself (ditto for the other diabetic students in the district). That's got to be helpful to the ol' psyche.

And the idiot in question? Not punished - his district didn't have a disciplinary policy concerning what he did, and they chose not to exercise any judgement at all (in a matter of speaking. As Rush said, "If you choose not to decide / You still have made a choice".)

Zero Tolerance, meet Zero Intelligence.

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Hi Chris!

I noticed your site in my traffic logs today and then noticed you had me added in your blogroll section! I just wanted to say thanks for the link, and to let you know I would add you to my blogroll as well.

And it really is all fun and games until a motor boat gets stolen. Them there is words to live by. :)

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