New Office Lexicon Entry: Heisenbug


Today's new word for the Office Lexicon is heisenbug:

Heisenbug - a software bug you can't find using the debugger, because the debugger changes the timing of the program's execution enough to keep the bug from happening. (From the idea that the act of observing something changes it, which is part of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.)



Too confusing, dude.

WAAAY too confusing.

I'm like, freaking out here.

Wait. . . WAIT.

I know kung fu.

Yeah, and you work in the Pentagon and brief Congress.

Me, I'm just a bit-pusher.

For what it's worth, this word has been in the Jargon File for decades. Here's the link:

I like this part: "Antonym of Bohr bug; see also mandelbug, schroedinbug."

Damn, and I thought I just made it up yesterday to describe a bug we couldn't duplicate in the debugger.

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