Jobs I Couldn't Do, Part II


Earlier today, I showed why I couldn't be a vet. Now we see why I couldn't be a firefighter:

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) -- A woman being carried out of a burning house put a gun to a firefighter's head and pulled the trigger repeatedly but was out of bullets following the shooting death of her boyfriend, police say.
because I'd be turning the bitch around and dumping her right back in the burning house.

Apparently that would be against established Fire Department procedure.

[h/t: Fark for this story and the last one]


I, for one, would make a terrible police officer. Probably be suspended on my first day out....

I don't see the problem here, it's all a matter of spin:

"What, you carried her back inside the burning building?"

"She was out of bullets and she really seemed to need to shoot me, so I went back to help her get some bullets."

"And you left her in there?"

"She said she couldn't find bullets because of the smoke, and I think she wanted me to look for them for her. I set her down to find the bullets, but then (sob) I just couldn't find her again."

- The Precision Blogger

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