It's Snap Judgement Time Again!

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The Amazing Race starts again tonight. As usual, I will provide hasty judgements on the teams based solely on their bios. Let's begin:

  • Brian & Greg: What is it with this show hiring actors? I thought it was supposed to be reality TV. Meh.
    Predicted finish: top four.
  • Debbie & Bianca: Topless double bill! Oh, please let there be a task like in TAR5 where one of them gets dragged through mud behind a cow.
    Predicted finish: mid-pack.
  • Lynn & Alex: Hey, Mr. Alex's Dad? Alex is gay. Aren't you glad you found out on TV?
    Predicted finish: mid-pack.
  • Megan & Heidi: What I said about Debbie & Bianca? That goes double for these two. I just hope it happens early because I see...
    Predicted finish: ...early exit.
  • Meredith & Gretchen: Too old.
    Predicted finish: early exit.
  • Ray & Deana: 'On again, off again' relationship? See 'Adam, Rebecca and.'
    Predicted finish: top four.
  • Rob & Amber: Christ, who restarted the 15-minute clock on these guys? OTOH, Rob has proven to be nothing if not adaptable; that's a major skill in the Race.
    Predicted finish: mid-pack.
  • Ron & Kelly: He survived being a POW in Iraq; this oughta be easy, as long as he can carry his beauty-pageant-girlfriend's weapons-grade makeup case with him.
    Predicted finish: top four.
  • Ryan & Chuck: Um, OK. Look like they'd be fun to have a beer with.
    Predicted finish: early exit.
  • Susan & Patrick: Coupling meets The Amazing Race! Oh, wait, this Susan and Patrick are mother and son. Eeeewww. Um, no.
    Predicted finish: early exit.
  • Uchenna & Joyce: They're just praying the production company doesn't go bankrupt in the middle of the race.
    Predicted finish: top four. They can't afford not to be.

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