Boeing Makes Air France An Offer It Can't Refuse...

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...Air France surrenders:

luchtzak writes "Air France recently ordered four additional Boeing 777-300ERs through options it held from an existing contract.

. . .

"The 777's world-famous comfort, range and flexibility make it ideally suited for leisure routes like Paris to Reunion , Pointe-a-Pitre and Fort de France," said Marlin Dailey, vice president of Sales for Europe and Central Asia, Boeing Commercial Airplanes [emphasis added]. "We are very pleased that Air France has again chosen the 777-300ER, based on the successful in-service experience they've had with their first 777-300ERs."
No reports as to whether Dailey prefaced his remarks by saying "Nice city you got here. Lots of art, that Tower thing. Be a shame if something... happened... to it..."

"The 777-300ER has been a more efficient replacement for the previous airplanes on our routes and has significantly reduced community noise," said Patrick Alexandre, executive vice president of Commercial and International Networks for Air France . "It has proven itself in our fleet as a passenger-pleasing moneymaker on other routes like Paris to Tokyo . We are certain that its comfortable interior, together with the in-flight entertainment features and superior Air France service, will improve the flying experience for our customers going to the Caribbean and Indian Ocean locales."
No reports as to whether Alexandre concluded his remarks by saying "Please don't destroy Paris."

This cracks me up. No matter how much Airbus is propped up by the EU, Boeing just ate its lunch.

[Brief pause while I look up just how many US airlines bought Airbus planes... hmm, more than I'd hoped.] Um, never mind.

It's still funny, though.

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Every once in a while, Boeing wins one.

After this week, they sure needed one.

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