They Still Call Them 'Tapes?'

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During one of my bouts of random web-staggering, I found The Automatic Mix Tape Generator (a feature of, a pretty cool music site). You submit a topic for a mix tape, and, maybe, eventually, one of their 'robots' puts together a track list appropriate to your request.

They've got lots and lots of track lists, and it's depressing in a way because it shows how little I actually know about music - the vast majority of the tracks listed are by bands I've never even heard of. Anyway, some of them are pretty funny, like this one:

My husband thinks it is time for us to have a baby but I love the independent life too much - help! Side 1 to make me want to have a baby, and Side 2 to make him not want to [emphasis added].

Now that by itself is chuckleworthy, if only for the O. Henry-esque possibility that both sides of the tape will be successful in their respective missions, but here's the punch line: every other song on Side 2 is the theme from Barney.

1 Comment

Ah! Ahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I love you, you love me, aaaaaahhh hahahahahaha!!!!!

Evil, I tell you, EVIL!!!!

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