Sporting Goods, Aisle 3; Domestic Counseling, Aisle 4; Hostage Services, Aisle 5

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How could I possibly have missed this Fort Wayne story that happened back in early January (I had to find out in Sunday's News Of The Weird?

Kyle Hans, 24, drove his car through the front of a Target store in Fort Wayne, Ind., in January, down an aisle, where he told employees he had a gun and wanted to see his estranged wife so he could reconcile with her. When the employees informed Hans that his wife didn't work there anymore, he got frustrated and took one of them hostage, forcing the evacuation of the store and an eventual standoff with police. Officers talked Hans down, got the hostage freed and arrested him. [WISE-TV (Fort Wayne), 1-7-05]
I'm not sure this is a true White Trash Wednesday story - I don't think Target is the store of choice for yer average White Trasher (*cough*Wal-Mart*cough). Just to be safe, I'll be publishing another WTW story later.

In the meantime, take the whole White Trash Wednesday tour:

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White Trash Wednesday 5 from MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy on February 16, 2005 9:08 AM

I got yer "white trash" ::hic:: rite HEAR BABY goddammmit!!!! YAH!! BEULAH MAE is in the HOUSE...TRAILER!!!!!!!!! Read More

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