And I Thought People Who Show Dogs Were Weird

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When I visit my in-laws', I end up watching different TV than I usually do. That's how I encountered Animal Planet's Cat People, a show about a big cat show and some of the people and cats involved.

Some of the people looked relatively normal, but there were two in particular who I thought were just out there. There was a blonde woman who showed kittens (that's right, folks, kittens between four and eight months of age get their own category), and one of her kittens had won Best Kitten something like 21 straight times. How this could happen when there are only fifteen weeks in the four-month period that a cat is showed as a kitten, I'm sure some cat lover will be able to explain to me. Anyway, this lady definitely needed to up her Prozac dosage, because when her kitten finished behind FatSweatyBum's kitten in a preliminary round, she looked despondent - as in 'one more piece of bad news away from eating a bullet.'

And about FatSweatyBum. The show had a bit where he made a big deal of 'putting on his game face,' indicating that he's somebody who 'shouldn't be messed with.'

He. Shows. CATS! What does he do, put on whiskers? Hell, you could probably distract him with a hoagie and do whatever the hell you wanted to his cats.

There was also another woman who had a dream her cat would win, even though the cat had some kind of eye problem and at one point peed all over his cage, but she looked harmless; also, I saw a breed called an ocicat that looked pretty cool, so it wasn't a complete waste of my hour.

In the end, all was well - FatSweatyGuy didn't stroke out (he settled for a quick nap in his car, caught on camera, and boy was that attractive), and NeuroticBlonde's kitten won his billionth Best In Whatever, so we didn't see her go all Budd Dwyer on us.

Now that would have been some different TV than usual.

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I need to channel-surf more often. This sounds like it was hilarious.

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