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If you'd have told me before the Rose Bowl that Michigan's offense would

  • not turn the ball over
  • only allow one sack
  • throw for four touchdowns
  • go 3-3 on field goals

And that their defense and special teams would

  • get two turnovers
  • hold Benson scoreless and under 100 yards
  • get four kick returns to around midfield
I'd have replied that either Michigan won big or Vince Young killed them.

And we all know what happened.


There was much rejoicing here in Austin.

And no, I'm not trying to put salt in your wound, I was just happy that my brief visit back to the US had an additional celebratory aspect to it.

It couldn't have been a closer game.

My sympathies... I'm a West Virginia fan, so I'm sure brimming with delight over the Mountaineers' stellar bowl performance, one that was exactly up to their usual standard of post-season excellence.

I don't think I've ever seen a football squad with such suck for their special teams.

Oh well. Go Steelers.

Vince Young, I mean my god- that young man can play some football. I think Michigan played just about as good as it could, but it obviously wasn't enough to slow down Young.

Helluva game though....

Yeah, I have to admit that from a neutral fan's perspective (or at least as close to one as I can approximate), it was one of the best Rose Bowls in my memory. I think there were four or five lead changes. I am glad that it wasn't a pimp-slapping, which is something I was worried about. That a freshman quarterback could hang 37 points on Texas' D without throwing a pick gives me a lot of hope for the offense next year.

What frustrates me the most is the Michigan defense. I know DC Jim Hermann can put together a dominating unit - the 1997 championship team was exactly that. And I'd have to check to make sure, but I think he's got the same staff he had then.

I think the only way Michigan can deal with running quarterbacks is with a sniper in the press box.

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