Life Imitates Urban Legends

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OK, so it ain't quite the 'I woke up in a bathtub full of ice and one kidney was gone' legend, but it's close:

A German professor who went on a dream holiday to Costa Rica woke up in an airport departure lounge to find his leg had been amputated.

The professor said he had gone to see a doctor at a hospital in San Jose because his left foot was swollen.

He said: "An aspirin usually did the trick. I have had the problem before - it was nothing serious - just something caused by my diabetes.

"When I got to the hospital they put me on a bed and I heard the word amputate. I tried to protest, but before I knew it they had given me drugs to black me out, and when I woke up I was at the departure lounge.

"My suitcases were by my side - and then I realised my leg was missing. I couldn't move, and when I checked my wallet I found that £200 had been taken out and replaced with a receipt for the amputation.

. . .

After the operation, Prof Jurisch collapsed and was taken to a private clinic where he was diagnosed with blood poisoning.
What a ripoff. I would have done it for $100 plus gas for my chain saw.

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OK, Costa Rica gets taken off the "potential vacation spots" list and put at the top of the "if I ever need an illicit organ donation" list.

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