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There are websites for certain TV stations and newspapers that kill my internet connection entirely when I try to surf to them in IE (f'rinstance, a story linked on Drudge earlier today about a 50-car pileup on a freeway between Lansing and Detroit. The Drudge link has now been updated to a Lansing State Journal article that I can access without a problem). I get the 'This page cannot be displayed' error page for that page AND EVERY OTHER PAGE, ANYWHERE, I TRY TO ACCESS AFTERWARDS! I end up having to reboot the PC. Anybody else seen this problem? Switching off ActiveX, Java, and scripts doesn't seem to help.


I would try Ad-Aware by Lavasoft and then update your JDK, IE, and OS. Then try again. Also, I would try Mozilla Firefox, I've been using it for about 8 months and love it.

You couldn't pay me to use IE!! I would go with Marc's suggestion, and get Firefox downloaded and start using that. It rocks!

Chris, are you sure it isn't our new ThoughtPolice WebFilter making sure you don't see something objectionable?

Go to Mozilla. Run to the light! You'll like tabbed browsing.

Are you surfing at home, or at work? Could be your firewall at work.

There is no active content blocking here at my job (surprising, yes, but I'm able to surf porn if I wanted to; I'd get fired, yes, but the means are there). However, some sites just won't come up here at work, including a few that used to come up no problem. James Lileks is gone forever, and Drudge is really slow. And forget about linking off of Drudge to any story from MyNews, it just won't happen for me.

Sooo. . . no, I have no clue what's happening with you. I just wanted to vent about my problems.

Thanks for listening,
Dave at Garfield Ridge

use firefox! it is the bomb. use thunderbird for your email. both from mozilla.

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