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A blogger I read regularly, and I can't remember who, remarked recently that they thought Oprah said something outrageously PC, but they couldn't be sure, and they couldn't go back and listen again because they weren't taping.

Well, now you can:

Google and Yahoo are introducing services that will let users search through television programs based on words spoken on the air. The services will look for keywords in the closed captioning information that is encoded in many programs, mainly as an aid to deaf viewers.

Google's service, scheduled to be introduced today, does not actually permit people to watch the video on their computers. Instead, it presents them with short excerpts of program transcripts with text matching their search queries and a single image from the program. Google records TV programs for use in the service.

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". . . mainly as an aid to deaf viewers."

Or, unscrupulous bloggers eager to score cheap laughs.

Not that I'm one of those guys, of course.

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