Dip Etiquette 101: Always Use A Dented Can To Spit In


Because otherwise the guy who steals your truck might drink it by accident:

Police in Vancouver, Washington, say a man arrested held for investigation of truck theft should have looked before he swallowed.

The man, 26-year-old Cuitlahvac Renteria-Martinez of Vancouver, called 911 shortly before he was arrested to say he was choking and needed emergency medical attention.

Police say he told investigators he saw a cup as he was driving the truck, took a drink, and discovered he had swallowed the regular driver's tobacco spit.

We had something like that happen here at work several years ago: a friend brought a can of Pepsi into another (tobacco-chewing) friend's office. When he left, he took the other friend's can with him... and drank out of it. Hilarity ensued.

But you know what they say - "It's all fun and games until somebody vomits on the HR manager" - and the next thing you know, a memo was being circulated around the office banning tobacco chewing.


Wow, that same thing happened to a roommate of mine in college.

Never before nor since have I seen a more dramatic episode of "instant hurlage" as I did at that horrifying moment.

Dave at Garfield Ridge

The closest I've come is to drink from a beer with a cigarette butt in it. The situation was almost sitcomesque in its timing and grace:

1. (smoking) friend standing next to me sets down his empty beer can.
2. (near-obsessive-compulsive) hostess comes up behind us and takes the can away to the recycler without anybody noticing.
3. I set my (same brand of) beer down to tie my shoe.
4. friend puts his cigarette out in my beer without me noticing.
5. I drink from my beer again.
6. ???
7. Profit!

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