Yes, It Really Is As Simple As 'Eat The Rich'

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Leftists often accuse their opponents of caricaturing them as hating rich people simply because they're rich. But they make it so easy when they write things like unreconstructed Marxist chowderhead Adam Roberts' letter to the editor of The Independent:

The capitalism that positions us as happy, healthy consumers - hallelujah - is the same one found in Marx's sophisticated exposition of the mechanisms of the capitalist process(es), the one that located the majority of people as workers, whose labour power was exploited at the point of production for the profit of the few. There remains today a clear continuity from the earlier industrial ages that cannot be denied. The difference now is the degree of sophistication that masks the exploitation and allows an obviously bright individual such as Mr Hammond [In a previous letter] to imagine himself and his fellows free from the old shackles.
Dude, it's been done. It's called The Matrix.

And anyway, we can turn a blind eye to the obscene gap between domestic rich and poor, and to the terrible price being paid around the globe for US and UK (Mr Hammond's economic "triumphs") wealth accumulation. As long as we have our share certificates in the bank, our performance bonuses and our private healthcare plans, what does it matter that others are profiting grotesquely at our expense?
So his screed boils down to 'Sure, you think you're doing OK, but that guy over there is richer and he must be punished!'

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