The King Is Dead. Too Bad I Didn't Kill Him.

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Based on my own experiences and tonight's show, I can say with an absolutely straight face that had I been up against Ken Jennings tonight, I would have smoked him. Period, paragraph, game in the bag by the end of Double Jeopardy, The End.

Of course, I knew tonight was going to be the night - the 6:00 news of my local Jeopardy affiliate announced as much. I thought that was a stupid idea at first, then I realized it was genius. After all, how many casual Jeopardy fans would want to miss The One Where Ken Lost?

I should have taped it so I could do a detailed breakdown (although I'll be surprised if Game Show Network doesn't syndicate it, like, tomorrow), but it seemed to me that the turning point came when he missed both Daily Doubles in the second round - that's usually where he takes so much money off the board that there literally isn't enough left to beat him.

Update: Full disclosure requires me to admit that The One Where Ken Lost is one of only two shows (of about a dozen of Ken's shows that I've seen) that I'm certain I would have won. I might have won two others; he would have cleaned my clock every other time.

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Whatever. You would've probably stumbled while asking for the categories "Anal Bum Cover" and "Ape Tit."

Dave at Garfield Ridge

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