Empty Gestures From An Empty Suit


You'll forgive me if I'm less than impressed with Kerry's concession; it's not like he's disqualified himself in the event that his minions' provisional- and absentee- ballot stuffing suceeded (unlikely, but possible).

Really, conceding at this stage, with Florida in the Bush column by more than the margin of lawyer, was the only thing he could do without looking like Al Gore. Minus the beard. And slightly less deranged.

As of this writing, Michael Moore's website hasn't been updated since about 5PM ET yesterday. I wonder why that is...


It's changed now, there's a photo-collage of Bush on the front page.

Maybe he really fled to Canada this time!

Both Kerry and Bush touched upon right-left reconciliation in their speeches today. Are we going to look seriously at reconciliation or is this just rhetoric? I think that it is essential that we do bridge the gap between the two sides.

The bulk of the left's beef with the Bush Administration centers around Iraq. Non-idiots on the left realize that Iraqi is a problem that must be "solved" and that simply pulling out is an unrealistic solution.

The first step in dealing with Iraq and placating the left should be for Donald Rumsfeld to retire or be retired.

Now that the election is over, the right can stop pretending that Iraq is problem free. It's not. I believe that the left will stop whining about missing WMDs and stand behind Bush Admin solutions to Iraq moving forward if Rummy loses his post.

Make it happen in a face saving way, but make it happen.

Use the inertia from your big electoral win to take care of this problem and by doing so, earn some respect and support from the left. The left and right are going to co-exist. We might as well do so under better terms. The right must be secretly disappointed in some of Rumsfeld's policies. You can force him to answer for them now that the election is done and safe. Fire him.

Who was THAT asshat?

Anyway, did you really think Mike Moore was a real person? he's an overinflated Algore store display, stuffed with Krispy Kremes and hot air. Once the election was over he self deflated.

I don't know, Og, but I think s/he was sincere. I also think s/he was wrong in every important aspect, especially this one:

I believe that the left will stop whining about missing WMDs and stand behind Bush Admin solutions to Iraq moving forward if Rummy loses his post.

Not a chance. For a lot of people on the Left, each day President Bush continues to sit in the Oval Office, regardless of what he does there, is one day too many.

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