The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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The capture of Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan continues to pay dividends. Last week's arrests in Britain revealed yielded a treasure trove of terrorist plans:

More than 1,000 computer disks holding details of previously unknown terrorist plots on the US were seized during raids by MI5 and police in Britain, according to US intelligence sources.

The reports were found during raids in London, Luton, Bushey and Blackburn in which 13 people were arrested.

They contain information that officials in Washington say could lead to more security alerts similar to the one which pinpointed five financial targets in Washington and New York.
. . .
The discovery underlines the growing fear that al Qaeda is planning a massive strike on the scale of the September 11 atrocity. In Britain documents found in the flat of one of those arrested in the raids suggest he trained as a suicide bomber and failed to win asylum here [in the UK].
And it looks like MI5 bagged somebody high up on AQ's org chart:
Among those arrested last week by MI5 and Scotland Yard's Anti-Terrorist Branch is believed to be Abu Musa al Hindi, a senior al Qaeda suspect, allegedly ordered to America four years ago to select targets for an attack.

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