I've Had ENOUGH Of These Questions Waking Me From A Sound Sleep At 3:00 In The Morning


Basketball and Volleyball were both invented in the U.S. (about 15 miles apart, actually). Why in the hell did we let the international federations for both sports end up in Europe?


Because, in the minds of many U.S. sports enthusiasts, the rest of the world does not matter. Why else would the U.S. baseball championship be called the "World Series"?

btw, does ANYBODY in the U.S. care about Volleyball anyway? I mean, other than nearly-naked beach volleyball, of course. :)

Wait, you mean there's another kind of volleyball, one where they wear more clothing? What's the point? Hell, they might as well have a MEN'S team, if they're going to be that way about it.

Not to nitpick, but basketball was invented by a Canadian.......so once again blame Canada...

Well, I did specify in the U.S. rather than by Americans (although it's arguable that Naismith was thoroughly Americanized by the time he invented the game - f'rinsance, he served in the 1st Kansas Infantry in both the Mexican campaign and WWI).

Oh, and guys - don't break the bad news to Chess.

the blame canada guy has atleast 1 intelligent point on the board.

blame Canada. is a correct answer.... 15 points!

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