How Are We Supposed To Take Your Coup Seriously If You Use 'VW' As A Code Name?

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So these Milosevic-wannabes in South Africa are on trial for their alleged ethnic cleansing scheme, but I don't know how much terror they would have generated using code names like 'Rottweiler,' 'Motherfucker,' and 'KGB.' IOL has the story:

There was laughter in the Pretoria High Court on Tuesday when "Rottweiler" and "KGB" emerged as some of the noms de guerre assumed by the alleged Boeremag coup plotters.

One called himself "Motherf***er" and another "Volla" (an endearing term for a Volkswagen), accused-turned-state-witness Henk van Zyl told the court. His own war name was "Bittereinder" (a diehard).

Van Zyl's evidence elicited chuckles from members of the public, police guards, from the bench and even some of the accused.

Judge Eben Jordaan jokingly pressed Van Zyl for more names, but he could not remember any.
They should have used the Mob Name Generator. Nobody laughs at a Mob name. Well, at least not more than once. The Mannequin said so.

More name generators than you thought possibly could exist can be found here. Enjoy.

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