Scenes From A Vacation #1


SmokeEater: I bet you ten bucks I can juggle three jellyfish.
Me: Are you crazy? Those things will sting the living shit out of you!
SmokeEater: Not like those Man-O-War things - I mean the ones they have around here, with the little stubby tentacles. They're about the size of a softball, and if you keep them right-side-up you should be OK.


Me (sighing): OK, you're on. I'll go get my keys.

Twenty minutes later, in the ER at Dosher Memorial:

Dr. Larry: You tried to do what?!?


It sounds like you have some very "interesting" neighbors.

Since it is obvious that you are writing these experiences down, I have to ask: Do you have a sitcom project in the works?

Yes, but it's not about my neighborhood (a sitcom where EVERYBODY'S the wacky neighbor? That would be mind-boggling).

outstanding! If you have more like this, ya gotta share!

I laughed one of my fillings out!

Better yet, you shoulda just peed on him.

SmokeEater's a great guy, but I don't like him _that_ much.

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