Today's Life Lesson: Just Because A Bike Cop Doesn't Have A Car Doesn't Mean He Doesn't Have A Gun


Teen Assaults Bike Officer:

Toledo police locked up a teenager for allegedly assaulting an officer. Police with the mountain bike unit say they pulled over the 16-year old suspect for playing loud music in his car. When one of the officers approached the car, the teen started driving at him and didn't stop until the officer drew a gun. After a struggle, the teenager was taken into custody.
What would possess a young man to behave in such a manner? Wait for it...
The officers say he also tried to dump two bags of marijuana. So far the teen's charged with felonious assault on an officer.
So he started with what would have been (at worst) a ticket for playing music too loud, and finished with an arrest for assault and possession. Niiiiiiice.


some people are just tools.

Not that I'm defending the perp, but I know around here if you are busted for noise ordinace violation (loud music) they can confiscate your car.

Man, that's harsh.

But still, exactly what did the kid think was going to happen after making the officer (presumably) dive out of the way? Sure, his car can outrun a bike, but can it outrun a radio?

I can't wait to see this arrest on "COPS: MBU".

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