Sure, They Need My PIN To Confirm My Email Address. What's Wrong With That?

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Yahoo!'s spam filters are pretty good - I only get about three false negatives per day and about two false positives per week. I was cleaning out the junk mail folder when I noticed this one:

From: *Citibank-Online* (
To: "Parking" (
Well, unless 'Bob Stayton' is the CEO or CIO, and he's running Citibank from Mexico, this is pretty clearly a scam. Just out of curiosity, I read the message - I wanted to see how good it looked (e.g., some of the fake PayPal and eBay "please go to this site and confirm your password" scam spams look pretty realistic).

All I can say is if you fall for this one, you pretty much deserve whatever you get:

_Dear_ _Citibank_ Card_holders,

_This EMAIL was ssent by t_he citi_bank _server to veerify _your E-MAIL addres. You must complete this process by clicking on_the_link _below_ and enntering in the smal _window_ your Citi-bank Atm_ Card number and _PIN_ that you use_ in local_Atm_Machine. This is donne for-your protection -Q- becourse some_of_our _members_ _no_longer have access to their email adresses and we must verify it.[string of random characters]

To verify _your E_Mail adress and accees _your Citibank_account, click on_the link below_.

yZcl vZZcfTB0T5w1g2DTfv ofTezDT5mn4zDXaGg

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