Look On The Bright Side - You'll Be Getting To Bed On Time More Often


Two quick thoughts, now that I'm done mourning the departure of my beloved Red Wings from the Stanley Cup playoffs:

  • I won't be watching any games that finish at 12:30 in the morning. I really hate that Detroit is in the Western Conference - just about every away game is a late start.
  • I think the league office guys responsible for negotiating the TV contract are shitting themselves pink twinkies over the possibility of a Tampa Bay - Calgary final.


such a bummer- chances are we won't see the likes of Yzerman, Shanahan, Chelios and Hull together on the same team again.

It was almost an allstar team, but somehow they just couldn't get it done. Too old? Too tired? Not enough Fire? Bad coaching? Who knows...

We here in Nashville like to think that it was because they got burned up beating the Preds....:)

Quite possible. I would much rather have faced Edmonton or St. Louis in the first round - the only thing that can beat the Red Wings in the playoffs is a hot goalie.

And I think they would have gotten style points for 'four cups in eight years - with four different goalies!'

How hot does a goalie have to be to stop shots from 40 feet away!?! The Wings have a way of making goalies look good due to their shot selection. Granted, Kipper made some good saves up close when needed, but there was NO traffic in front of him when shooting from the outside (credit to the Flames D for most of that). Ah well, getting to bed at a decent time isn't a bad thing, and now I can watch the remaining games without getting stressed out. :-)

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