In This Case, I'm Unclear On The Concept


Bumper sticker seen on the way in to work today:

It's A Jeep Thing... You Wouldn't Understand
... on the back of a cement mixer.

He's right - despite the fact that two out of my last three vehicles were Jeeps, I don't understand!


i think i am petite and svelte too. maybe the cement mixer was just dreaming? or a wily jeep owner snuck up and placed the bumper sticker just for your blogging enjoyment!

That wouldn't surprise me.

True story: when I was in college, I saw an ad in the back of National Lampoon for stickers with a picture of a screw on them. They were designed to go over the heart on "I [heart] My Dog"-type bumper stickers. I got a batch, and quickly learned that they worked just as well at the far left side of "Mondale/Ferraro" bumper stickers!

I was tickled pink when somebody wrote a letter to the editor complaining about the 'hostile environment' for liberals at Michigan State, and cited the appearance of a screw sticker on their Mondale sticker as proof!

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