I Knew They Had A Supercharged Version, But DAMN!

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I must have this car:

A Belgian motorist has been sent a speeding ticket for travelling at 2,100 mph.

The ticket claimed he'd been caught doing Mach 3 in his Mini in a Brussels city suburb.
Once the word got out, the Illuminati had to swoop in and sanitize the story:
Police have apologised for the mistake, and have blamed a faulty radar.

They said human error was to blame for sending out the ticket, even though it was clear the man's car couldn't have been travelling at three times the speed of sound.

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sorry for the double ping. so i'm new.....

Yeah, that happens sometimes with MT. I've taken care of it.

I HATE those coverups. Obviously the car is real, but THEY don't want us to know a car can drive that fast. I wonder how many of those cars Sadaam Hussein had...
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