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Headed here until Friday for some troubleshooting work. Maybe I'll have Net access, maybe not. In the meantime, here's a couple of quick hitters:

Sign Of The Times: I was out at lunch yesterday when I saw a police car pulled over and the officer standing in the door talking on his radio, but nothing else of obvious interest near him...

until I saw the (industrial-sized) compressed gas canister on the inside shoulder of the opposite lane...

not ten feet from where I was waiting for the light to change.

In a September 10 world, I don't give that a second thought.

I Used To Think This Was Dangerous Stupidity Until I Did It Myself:

Traffic was tied up early this afternoon after a roofing truck got stuck under the railroad underpass on Fairfield Avenue. It forced north and south traffic to alternate under the remaining opening. How do you remove a stuck truck? You can start by taking the air out of the tires. No injuries were reported in the accident.


I didn't know this was your day job- congratulations on getting the gig, sounds quite lucrative, and helpful for our troops. Anything that helps them out is always appreciated.

Have fun at Lejeune, I hear its a neat place..

industrial compressed gas cannister? scary.

I'm an AFATDS old-timer; I started when the Fort Wayne Raytheon facility was still part of Magnavox. I've had the same office phone number for fourteen years, but I've worked for four different companies!

Based on what I know about my military-type skills, trust me when I tell you I am supporting the troops far better doing what I'm doing than I would be if I actually enlisted. OTOH, I work with a lot of Reserve and retired military folks; for instance, my boss is an LTC in the Reserves, and at least three of my co-workers got activated for OIF.

Lejeune was pretty neat, although I didn't get a chance to visit any of the 11 miles of beach (!) they have. Ironically, it's about two hours up the coast from where I'll be vacationing a month from now ( ).

Well, I didn't hear about a massive explosion on the news that night, so I guess everything ended OK.

Unless, of course, the tank contained a biological agent with a long incubation time...

And I'm _really_ wondering why nobody has asked "What do you mean, 'until I did it myself?'"

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