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I'm sure the vast majority of Muslims in America are peace-loving, decent people who want nothing more than to live in harmony with their kaffir neighbors. And I'm sure they're going to get the Islamic Supremacists in their midst under control Real Soon Now. I mean, why else would CAIR hold a rally in Tempe to "stand for human rights and dignity?"

Let Azygos tell you why else:

In CAIR’s statement “Not In The Name Of Islam” they never actually condemn terrorism. They use words like “repudiate” and “dissociate ourselves… from any Muslim… commits such brutal and unIslamic acts.” This is different from using words like DENOUNCE, CONDEMN, ABHOR, or WRONG, EVIL, DISPICABLE, UNGODLY etc. To be fair CAIR does use the word condemn in their press release concerning the killing of Mr. Berg, but they never actually condemn terrorism. This is an important point.

. . .

On CAIR’s “CAIR Condemns Murder of American in Iraq” webpage they state:

“We condemn this cold-blooded murder and repudiate all those who commit such acts of mindless violence in the name of religion…”

Lets stop right here and address this.

“Name of Religion”

Which religion specifically are we talking about here? Is it the Catholics who are sawing the heads off of Americans? Do I need to worry if I travel to London that a radical group of Protestants are going to kidnap me, cut off my head and scream God is Great? What about the Lutherans? How many heads have they cut off recently? Then there are the Jews, but they don’t have time to cut off heads because they are busy cleaning up the skin, bones and blood of innocent women and children blown up by ROP.

No, the only animals currently sawing off heads are Muslims but you wouldn’t know that by reading the press release. No, they lump ALL Religions into the brutal category of the ROP. This statement is as genuine as me telling my dear wife how great her dress looks and how it is just wonderful what they can do with burlap these days.


no major religion except islam openly endorses the mass execution of people not in the same faith.

according to zeyad, at

"When you meet the unbelievers, strike off their heads; then when you have made wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives." Surat Mohammed:4

and it is also important to note that islam dictates it is EVERY muslims responsibility to conduct jihad.

we are to be killed, taken slave, or to become a dhimmi and pay non-muslim tax for the further expansion of islam.

the facts regarding islam and muslims is fast becoming clear. kill them, or be killed by them.

...and yet we have entire nations of muslims who are *not* embroiled in war with us; and yet we have the vast majority of Iraqis who are *not* trying to throw off the "tyrannical american yoke", but are welcoming us and ours as we help them rebuild and recover.

IIRC, it wasn't all that long ago that the good Christians residing in northern Ireland were lobbing whatever might go boom, thud, or whack at each other.

It ain't Islam that's the problem. It's people hijacking it for their own ends.

Also, try not to read between the lines too much in "statements of condemnation"-- it's not worth it. At the end of the day, words as weak as 'repudiate' and 'dissassociate', as well as words as strong as 'abhor', 'denounce', and 'ungodly' are still just plain words. Look at their actions instead.


"Look at their actions instead."

That is exactly why I went down and took pictures. I wanted a record of their actions. Instead of them being grateful that 25 million people, some of whom were being subjected to torture of the most debasing kind,were freed, they focus on their hate for our President.

I disagree about words being "just plain words."

How about:

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary...

Those are just plain words but who amongst us would ascribe that they don't mean much because they are "just plain words."

The words we choose to use are just as important as the words we choose not to use.

Example: I used to work offshore testing oil wells. One of my duties was to operate the wellhead. The wellhead pressure gives some indication how much oil you might be able to extract from the well, along with other considerations. I would often read in the paper that we ran the wellhead at such-and-such a pressure and developed X number of barrels of oil.

The articles were entirely true, and yet they left out that we could have run the wellhead at twice the number of barrels per hour. This deception left one with the impression that there was less oil there than was really there. It gave the oil exec's time to whine about how much money they spent and the need to continue to drill more wells. How else could they convince the government we need to drill in ANWR.

Those words that were not uttered were as important as the words that were uttered.

I agree with you that the Declaration is a powerful document, and that the ideals and ideas that it espouses are unparalleled, and without peer.

But what if the Continental Congress had published the document, and then simply sat in Philadelphia and wrung their hands in worry? Thankfully, they did not. They raised an army, hired a gin'rul, and nibbled at the hemline of the British for several years, and stayed the course.

Words without actions are meaningless. Words with contrary actions are clintonian. The right words with the right actions are all that matter.

Now I don't know anything at all about CAIR. But it seems to me if they have consistently been using the continuing military difficulties to try to erode the president's political support, then we should not expect their course to alter in any way. Whether the words are 'abhor' or 'shake finger at sternly', they're not going to *do* anything differently.

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