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It appears that I have a few clusters of regular readers who know each other, but don't know each other. So instead of performing n! iterations of "A, this is B; B, A," I'll just do this instead.

  • Curmudgeonly & Skeptical fingers a Seattle moonbat with terminal BDS.
  • Dale Franks has a toughlove-type answer for those who say Abu Gharib was an egregious breach of the Geneva Conventions.
  • Spiced Sass notes one thing John F'in Kerry is consistent on.
  • American Digest presents a list of blogger 'thou shalt not's cleverly disguised as affirmations.
  • Feste looks at the world of 2050 without America as world policeman.
  • Cranial Cavity takes on The Day After Tomorrow.
  • Bill from INDC Journal differentiates between John F'in Kerry's Vietnam service and his conduct thereafter.
  • CavalierX lays it all out about the Sarin IED.
  • Azygos points out one of the hazards of living in Arizona.
  • mlah compares prostitution and pimping, arguing that the former should be legal.
  • Analog Mouse reviews a quick-access gun safe.
  • And we're all holding our breath pending the results of Neanderpundit's doctor visit.
I didn't get everybody - gotta save some for next time! Now... talk amongst yourselves!


thanks for the link. i'll have to do a little reading.

Make sure you hit CavalierX's Guardian Watchblog. He doesn't post every day, but man is he thorough!

my thanks for the link and yet more to read!

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