Heavenly Hos


So what's the payoff for the five-a-day regime, anyway? Men: free mistresses in heaven! And your wives won't mind! And they'll get cosmic extreme makeovers! What's not to like? The Imam sez:

This ayah outwardly addresses the males of this ummah and promises them Hoors in the Hereafter. Consequently, a Muslima will not be adversely affected when her pious husband is endowed with a Hoor.

. . .

Further it is mentioned in a lengthy Hadith that Rasulullah Sallallaahu-alaihi-wasallam was asked a similar question one day by one of his wives. He consoled her by explaining that the believing woman of this world will be far more beautiful and attractive than the Hoors. This will be due to the excessive ibaadah that they (the woman of this world) had performed.
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I'm almost convinced that it's a 13-year old kid running the "ask the imam" site. The only thing that doesn't seem to fit the theory is that a 13-year old kid should have this much foresight, to spout a religious justification for Hoors in marriage.

On the other hand, maybe he thinks it's a beer. "Hoors Brewing Company, Mosul, Mazhhirata. Everything you and Allah wanted in a beer. And less."

I find delicious irony in the fact that the Arabic word for 'virgin' is 'hoor.'

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