Choose Your Battles Wisely

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Do you know why, really why, splodeydopes attack defenseless targets like buses and nightclubs? It's because when they go against the IDF, they get their asses handed to them. Literally.

At least six Palestinians were killed on Saturday during a suicide bombing and shooting attack on Israeli soldiers at the main Israel-Gaza border crossing.

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Brigadier-General Gadi Shamni, commander of Israeli forces in northern Gaza, said the incident began when a Palestinian car exploded at the heavily guarded Erez crossing.

Hamas called it a suicide bombing and said the driver was killed. Shamni said no Israelis were hurt.

Soon afterwards, two jeeps painted in Israeli army colors raced to the scene, as if they were responding to the blast, and a Palestinian gunman in the lead vehicle began firing at soldiers, who shot him and its driver dead, Shamni told Reuters.

The second jeep, also disguised as an army vehicle, then exploded near a Palestinian police post about 100 meters (yards) away, killing the driver, the general said by telephone.

Hospital officials said at least two other Palestinians, both policemen, were killed and some 15 wounded.

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