Born Under A Bad Sign... That Was Dusted For Fingerprints

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Wouldn't it really suck if you were a teenager and your parents were both crime scene investigators?

Mom: "Sweetie, where were you tonight?"
Teenage Daughter: "Mostly I hung out at Jennie's. We spent a lot of time on the phone talking to Courtney."
Dad: "I'll go subpoena the phone records." [leaves room]
Mom: "What else?"
Daughter: "We drove to Dairy Queen for Blizzards."
Mom [to Dad] : "Honey, while you're on the phone, get a subpoena for the surveillance tapes for the Dairy Queen on - "
Daughter: "North Clinton."
Mom [to Dad] : "North Clinton. Then get a tire kit."
Dad: "OK."
Mom: "You know the drill. Clothes go in this bag, underwear in this bag, and hold out your hands so I can get fingernail scrapings."
Daughter [sotto voce]: "I hate my life."

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